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Exploring Egypt's Landscapes During the 13th-18th Centuries

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Project Description

This three year project, the first of its kind, aims to explore the historical landscapes of Egypt throughout the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries. Our team is comprised of leading experts in a diverse array of specialities including archeology, history and environmental studies.

Open Source Data & Digital Humanities Tools

Our team is committed to developing new resources for the wider academic community including GIS and other data types. The EGYLandscape mapping project, "Survey of Medieval Egypt", will begin this fall (2019).

Publications & Events

Our team members will reguarly publish new findings and updates on their research in the working papers section of this website. Additionally, videos and updates from our workshops and panels will also be available.

Working Papers

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Where We've Been & Where We're Heading.

  • 1 April 2019

    Project Launches

    Project Funded by ANR and DFG to run until 2020.

  • 22-24 May

    First Coordination Meeting (Marburg, Germany)

    Project coordinators meet in Marburg to outline the project's future plans and goals

  • 1 June

    EGYLandscape Goes Online

    Project website launched online to post current research developments, working papers and videos from conferences and workshops.

  • 15-17 June

    EGYLandscape Panel at the 6th Confrence of the School of Mamluk Studies (Waseda University, Tokyo)

    "Irrigation, Landscapes, and Environment: Towards a History of Mamluk Agriculture". Organizer: Anthony Quickel. Chair: Wakako Kumakura. Presenters: Stuart Borsch, Yossef Rapoport, Muhammad Shaaban, Anthony Quickel.

  • 4-5 September

    Opening EGYLandscape Workshop (Philipps Universität, Marburg)

    The opening workship will give an overview of the EGYLandscape Project, as well as individual research projects. Additionally, there will be a training session inttroducing GIS mapping.

  • 14-17 November

    EGYLandscape Panel at the Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA) (New Orleans)

    "The Egyptian Landscape: New Insights on Agrarian and Rural Trends in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Periods". Organizer: Muhammad H. Shaaban. Participants: Stuart Borsch, Anthony T. Quickel, Gregory Willias, Muhammad H. Shaaban.

  • May/June 2020

    First Work-in-Progress & Training (Cairo)

    The first work-in-progress workship in Cairo will focus on the developments of individual research papers and the progress of the GIS mapping - Survey of Medieval Egypt. There will also be trainings in digital humanities tools, especially GIS, as well as other issues like archeology and codicology.

  • June 2021

    Second Work-in-Progress & Training (Alexandria)

    Building on the achievements of the Cairo workshop, the second workshop in Alexandria will follow the progress of the various research projects underway by participants, as well as the project's Survey of Egypt. Another training will be provided on related digital humaities tools and otehr scientific skills.

  • February/March 2022

    EGYLandscape Closing Conference (Aix-en-Provence)

    The final conference, to be hosted in Aix-en-Provence, will showcase the findings of the individual research projects. These findings will then be collected for a final edited volume.

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Our Team

Meet All of Our Project's Participants.

Nicolas Michel

Project Leader

Albrecht Fuess

Project Leader

Anthony T. Quickel

Project Coordinator

Muhammad H. Shaaban

Project Coordinator

Ghislaine Alleaume

Direct Participant

Julien Loiseau

Direct Participant

Clément Onimus

Direct Participant

Yossef Rapoport

Direct Participant

Kurt Franz

Direct Participant

Astrid Meier

Direct Participant

Bethany Walker

Direct Participant

Konrad Hirschler

Direct Participant

Emad Abu Ghazi


Adam Sabra


Alan Mikhail


Wakako Kumakura


Stuart Borsch


Zoe Griffith


Magdi Guirguis


Dalia Hussein


Mathieu Eychenne


Robin Seignobos


Daisuke Igarashi


Alison L. Gascoigne


Heba Saad Abdelnaby


Aleksandar Shopov


Gregory Williams


Ahmed Abdel Moniem


The EGYLandscape Project's team is made up researchers and faculty members in twenty-one centers, institutions, and universities in six different countries - France, Germany, Egypt, USA, UK, and Japan.

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