Islamic Civilization Studies Center (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) - 2019

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Photos From The EGYLandscape Project Panel

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EGYLandscape Project Panel

Islamic Civilization Studies Center (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) - Alexandria, Egypt 31 October 2019

Prof. Albrecht Fuess, co-leader of the EGYLandscape Project, was invited to give a series of lectures at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina from 29-31 October. In addition to his theme, “The Relations Between East and West from the Middle Ages until the Turn of the Modern Era,” Prof. Fuess proposed to present a mini-workshop and overview of the EGYLandscape Project. Joining him for the special EGYLandscape panel were Prof. Nicolas Michel (project co-leader, Aix-Marseille University), Prof. Heba Saad (Alexandria University), and Anthony Quickel (University of Marburg). The project co-leaders, Fuess and Michel, gave an overview of the EGYLandscape Project, while each member of the panel presented their own research projects in order to highlight the diversity of topics under EGYLandscape’s purview. The panel was moderated by EGYLandscape contributor Dr. Ahmed Abdel Moneim, who is a scholar at the Bibliotheca’s Islamic Civilization Studies Center. The project was very happy for the opportunity to present to a new venue, especially to a very large Egyptian audience.