Alison L. Gascoigne

Recent Publications

With John P. Cooper, “Tinkers, tailors, soldiers and sailors: the city of Tinnis in the 11th-13th centuries,” in Guerre et Paix au Proche-Orient Médiéval, vol. II: Histoire. Archéologie. Anthropologie, ed. by Mathieu Eychenne, Stéphane Pradines, and Abbès Zouache (Cairo: Ifao/Ifpo, 2019).

Edited with Leonie V. Hicks and Marianne O’Doherty, Journeying Along Medieval Routes in Europe and the Middle East, (Turnhout: Brepols, 2016).

With John P. Cooper and Ziad Morsy, Madinat Tinnīs fī al-ʿAsrayn al-Rūmānī wa-l Islāmī (2020)