Julien Loiseau

Recent Publications

“Abyssinia at Al-Azhar: Ethiopian Students in 15th Century Cairo,” Journal of Northeastern African Studies 19:1 (2019).

“The Ḥaṭī and the Sultan. Letters and embassies from Abyssinia to the Mamluk court,” in Mamluk Cairo, a Crossroad for Embassies. Studies on Diplomacy and Diplomatics, ed. by F. Bauden and M. Dekkiche (Leiden: Brill, 2019): pp. 638-657.

“L’Afrique, nouvelle terre d’islam,” in L’Afrique ancienne. De l’Acacus au Zimbabwe: 20000 ans avant notre ère – XVIIe siècle, ed. by F. Fauvelle (Paris: Belin, 2018): pp. 112-141.