Wakako Kumakura

Recent Publications

“The Shift from Medieval to Modern in the Natural Environment of Egypt: A Case Study of Lake Idku and Its Surroundings,” in Japanese and Italian Insights on the Great Sea, ed. by Hiroshi Kato and Liana Lomiento (Milan: Cisalpino – Istituto Editoriale Universitario, 2018): pp. 61-71.

“The Early Ottoman Rural Government System and Its Development in Terms of Water Administration,” in The Mamluk-Ottoman Transition, ed. by Stephan Conermann and Gül Şen (Bonn: V&R Unipress, 2016): pp. 87-113.

“Who Handed over Mamluk Land Registers to the Ottomans? A Study on the Administrators of Land Records in the Late Mamluk Period,” Mamluk Studies Review, XVIII (2014-2015): pp. 279-299.