EGYLandscape Announcements

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More big EGYLandscape news…

This past week, we successfully completed our first virtual lecture. Given by Mohamed Gamal-Eldin, the talk entitled “Outhouses, Informal Housing, and Sewerage: A study of the Suez Canal cities” was well attended. We are working to get the recording online soon for those who were not able to attend. This coming month, Prof. Richard McGregor (Vanderbilt University) will be presenting “Relics and the Religious Topography of Islamic Cairo” on 19 May. You can sign up HERE.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce the publication of a new book by EGYLandscape project team member, Prof. Heba Saad Abdelnaby (Alexandria University). Her book is directly related to the theme of her work with the EGYLandscape Project about birds in the Mamluk period: al-Ṭiyyūr fī al-ʿAṣr al-Mamlūkī. Prof. Heba has also received a visiting fellowship for the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin, where she will continue her research on birds but with a specific focus on bird offal and byproducts for fertilizer and soil improvement.

Congratulations also go out to Prof. Zoe Griffith (CUNY, Baruch College) who has received a stipend from the National Endowment of the Humanities to work on her project: “Capital and State-Formation in the Ottoman Mediterranean, 1680-1830. This project aims to write a history of maritime trade in the eastern Mediterranean during the late Ottoman era, focusing on the ports along the Egyptian coast.

Finally, EGYLandscape Project leader Prof. Albrecht Fuess (University of Marburg) has been granted a new project funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange): “Cultural Heritage in Cyberspace.” The project will be funded from 2021-2023 and forges ties between German universities and research libraries and their Egyptian counterparts to promote greater cooperation and training in digitalization of cultural resources, especially manuscripts.