Website Revamp

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We are very excited to announce some new content on our project website and have also reorganized, rebranded, and cleaned-up several of the website’s existing pages. So click away and see what’s new. Soon, we will be posting another working paper and information about our November workshop in Alexandria, and we hope that as the year continues even more content will be added, so keep checking back.

In order to highlight the recent research by our project team members and create a starting-point bibliography for the themes of EGYLandscape, we have now created a Bibliography page. Of course this does not include all of the publications by our members, nor all of the team, but only those recent publications related to the specific thematic and temporal scope of EGYLandscape.

This past year we have also begun an EGYLandscape lecture series. The series features talks by scholars who are working on subjects that are connected to EGYLandscape but may be beyond its immediate scope. Additionally, this year, we will have some featured talks by our project team members as well. To see past and upcoming talks, check out the Lecture Series page.

More soon!