Launch of Egylandscape’s Project Website

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We are excited to announce the launch of Egylandscape’s Project updated website!

Our updated website will serve as a repository for our events, research projects, workshops, and any other news will be added to the website regularly.

About Our Project

This three-year project, the first of its kind, aims to explore the historical landscapes of Egypt throughout the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries and is comprised of leading experts in a diverse array of specialities including archeology, history and environmental studies. Jointly funded by the French and German science foundations — Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR) and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) — the EGYLandscape Project is codirected by Prof. Nicolas Michel (Aix-Marseille University, France) and Prof. Albrecht Fuess (University of Marburg, Germany). The cooperation centers upon the transformations occurring within pre-modern rural Egypt, an issue of upmost importance at the current moment. For a more in-depth look at our project and its goals, see here.

Team Members

Visitors to our website can view all of our team members’ and see their recent publications.


Our website also has reports about our own EGYLandscape Project workshops like the inaugural kick-off held in Marburg (Germany) in September 2019. Our second workshop in Cairo (Egypt) was originally planned for June of this year. Unfortunately because of the current global pandemic, this event was held virtually. Even with the change of venue, the workshop was a success!


Our website also has reports on our team members’ particpation in various, conferences, workshops, etc. which can be found on our Activities page. The project’s first year saw our team members participate in several conferences around the globe. In the summer of 2019, several of our team members participated in the Sixth Conference of the School of Mamluk Studies hosted by Waswda Univesity in Tokyo which you can read about here. Later that year, Prof. Albrecht Fuess, co-leader of the EGYLandscape Project, was invited to give a series of lectures at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The project’s co-leaders, Prof. Albrecht Fuess and Prof. Nicolas Michel, gave an overview of the EGYLandscape Project, while each member (Anthony T. Quickel and Heba Saad Abdelnaby) of the panel presented their own research projects. You can read more about it here. Four of our team members (Anthony T. Quickel, Greg Williams, Stuart Borsch, and Muhammad Shaaban) presented papers at 53rd Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association as part of a panel entitled “The Egyptian Landscape: New Insights on Agrarian and Rural Trends in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Periods”. You can read a sysnopis of their papers and the conference here.

Working Papers

You will able to read the our team’s latest working papers as they come out here. The first working paper by our team’s co-leader Prof. Albrecht Fuess is entitled “Waqfization in the late Mamluk Empire: A deliberate policy or chaos management?” is already online and can be downloaded for reading offline here.

Now that our updated website is launched, bookmark us and check-in regularly. In the coming months, we’ll have more working papers, regular blog entries, and much more. This is just the start and we’re excited to welcome you to EGYLandscape’s new home on the web.